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Project Description
TFS Request Manager allows you to monitor active requests on one or more TFS application tier servers. You can also define an execution threshold to get notified when requests exceed that threshold.

TFS Request Manager is inspired by a similar feature within the TFS Server Manager tool that is part of the TFS 2008 Power Tools. Unfortunately, TFS Server Manager has not been ported yet to the TFS 2010 Power Tools. Until this great tool is back in the TFS 2010 Power Tools, TFS Request Manager can help fill a tiny little part of the gap left with the absence of TFS Server Manager. It probably wouldn't hurt either to leave Brian Harry a request to bring back that useful tool. :)

NEW 9/28/2013: Released version 2.0.1 which supports monitoring TFS 2012 and TFS 2013 RC instances.

  • Provides the ability to view a list of your currently active requests against one or more TFS app tier hosts (for example, app tiers in a TFS web farm, or even TFS hosts from different TFS installations).
  • If you are a TFS administrator, you will see your requests as well as everyone else's active requests.
  • Provides ability to cancel an active request if you are a TFS administrator.
  • Provides the ability to be notified when a request exceeds an execution time threshold that you specify.


The main UI form display a list of active requests and a graph showing the execution time over time.

When you double-click on a row, the Request Details form is displayed, from which you can cancel a request (if you are a TFS admin).

You can copy the details of the active requests by right-clicking on the grid and clicking on Copy To Clipboard.

A pop up notification when a defined threshold for the request execution time is exceeded.

You can view the currently logged notifications by clicking Show Notifications...

The Notifications form lists all logged notifications. You can also right-click the list and choose Copy To Clipboard to copy the details.

Hopefully this can be useful. This tool is limited since I have only added features that I needed until TFS Server Manager is back.

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